3x3 | Brand&Communication is an exceptional integrated treatment branding initiatives. Born from idealism of self actualization, we serve industries in same manner as other common socio-economic entities, whice is by providing brand(ing) strategies such as creating brands, developing brand identities, composing branding strategies, formulating marketing communication plan as well as brand building executions through identity application & deployments extensive media plans and public relations.

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Side-By-Side Learning Partners

3x3 has been honored with extensive experience in servicing numbers of respectful client, local nor multinational companies. Due to our consultative working method with customers, 3x3 could reach ultimate result for each of initiative conducted.

What inspires us to strive for partnership type of relation at each of our engagement is for greater good on both sides, where as not only clients benefitted from value of our services, but 3x3 also acknowledge new valuable knowledge regarding the industry to cheap tag heuer equip and upgrade more quality of our service deliverables from time to time.